VIStevia Strawberry Jam

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VIStevia Strawberry Jam is a spoonful of natural and nutritious strawberries that can lighten up the morning breakfast and sweet dishes. It’s not just loved by kids but even parents have become a great fan of it.

  • 100% natural
  • Sugar-free
  • Low calorie
  • 50% strawberry pulp
  • Good for diabetics
  • No bitterness
  • Net Weight: 195 gm


Vistevia’s Strawberry Jam, is a low calorie jam which has no added sugar. . With each mouthful of this jam enjoy the real taste of strawberries and the sweetness of stevia in between the crunch of strawberry seeds. Until you taste this product you will not believe that sugar-free products can taste and even more delicious than sugar-based products.  Strawberries are known to have a high level of antioxidants along with abundant vitamins and fiber. With no addition of sugar our product is the perfect Keto jam.

Your Keto diet plan needs this jam so that you don’t miss out on the simple joys of life. Add it to your daily Keto recipes – in milkshakes, yogurt, cottage cheese, cheesecakes and any other foods and beverages you like. Love keto with Vistevia

If you are a diabetic you can bid goodbye to all traditional sugar free jams that were loaded with artificial sweeteners. You can have heaps of this jam without worrying about preservatives, colour and chemicals. This jam has the feel of a homemade jam, made with love.  Make this an essential part of your daily diabetic diet and you will not regret it.

Your concern for your children’s diet is understandable. As mothers you do not want to overload your child with sugar, harmful chemical, colour and preservative. Trust us to bring the best quality jam your children will love. Avoid giving them sugar where you can. It is so delicious they will not even miss sugar!

Give your breakfast a healthy start with VIStevia’s stevia sweetened strawberry jam. Its the perfect Jam for Diabetics, Keto Diet, weight watchers and even children. So what are you waiting for? Grab your bottle today!

  • Low Caloies
  • Low glycemic index
  • No added sugar
  • No colour
  • Keto friendly
  • Diabetic friendly
  • Stevia sweetened
How to Use
It tastes absolutely delicious. You can spread it on breads, Danish, croissants, cakes, and cookies, cheesecakes, and any other baked goods you like. It can also be uses as a topping for milkshakes and yogurts.
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1 review for VIStevia Strawberry Jam

  1. Rodosi ghosh

    It is amazing. I have been using it for 2 months now. This is the most delicious strawberry jam I have ever had. The texture is great, the flavour is incredible and it tastes much better than any other sugar-laden jam. This product is well worth purchasing.

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