Challenges with Stevia Formulation

  • Slow onset of the sweetness
  • Hollow sweetness.
  • Long-lasting aftertaste.
  • Perceptible bitterness above 6% sucrose equivalency.
  • Short shelf life for the liquid product.
  • Side effects of the auxiliary components.
  • COST

Functional properties of sugar which Stevia lacks

  • Volume (Stevia being 300 times sweeter than sugar only a little is required to compensate the sweetness)
  • Texture & mouthfeel (Stevia has a hollow sweetness)
  • Shelf life (Stevia has a short shelf life in liquid-based products)
  • Freezing point reduction

Our expertise allows us to develop THE RIGHT products

  • Making up the volume of sugar without contributing a large amount of calories
  • Simulation of the exact taste and mouth-feel of sugar
  • Maintenance the original texture and stability
  • Freedom from after-taste
  • Improvement of the keeping quality
  • Low glycemic index